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tv   Journal  PBS  February 13, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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to live. brian thomas returned to santa and jerry kelly is coming up next half hour. while in italy prime minister and regal scientists at his rival looked poised to move it you're in the united states as of yet to release dozens of suspected bomb auditor's troublesome students. i'm glad aaron said it had nothing to do with gold we'll take a look at the lesbian and gay scene of the russian city hosting
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the winter. we start off this program in italy where prime minister rico. let us just announced its intention to resign now this move comes after his democratic party voted for a new government led as a rival party leader mikhail randy was outlined the plan he said. italy needs a more ambitious government to pull it out of its economic slump. frenzy is widely expected to replace lead as prime minister. let is due to deliver his official resignation to the president on friday after just ten months in office. so what does this mean for italy and for europe were joined alive by philip bloom on the line from rome. so what's behind prime minister led his resignation and why has his own party so very unhappy with well yes they are right
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that impression. we continue to be that the government is the day to day with it. each of the day to celtic i had to and that led to the directory he would enter the hope that they are happy that the chiefs take a boat in the bucket it give the coalition government basically you have to read the pdf of the continued tonight to that. got to take him to go. do you respond to the tea tarik people what to think. i dealt with by the get go but it did affect real change chips salsa. who is his rival to see and what would he be doing differently i know they care. it's messy kitchen is open to the manner of lower to eleven the thirty eight year though. he had to
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add it into national politics in. the they are all eternity. okok that the people of the key to keeping every ambition the didactic. each of the huge debt to the two the way ticket. symonds is for an italian politics to look will and in rome so thanks very much seldom has become the first country to allow euthanasia for children who are terminally ill regardless of their age after months of heated debate lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of expanding belgium's right to die legislation. children with incurable diseases will be able to ask to be put to death if they've received counseling and their parents agree to that endearing hall and euthanasia is legal from the age of twelve on works now scores of suspected tall among militants have walked free from jail in afghanistan
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triggering a sharp condemnation from the united states president ahmed karzai has responded by accusing washington of harassing his country's judicial authority and of having tortured some of the prisoners. this all comes as us led foreign troops prepare to withdraw after thirteen years of fighting islam as well the background detention center next to the largest u s may lead to price in afghanistan. at nine am dozens of prisoners left the compound to be sent down to their homes across afghanistan. the list calls them dangerous individuals afghan officials say there's no reason to keep them locked up. natalie has not featured on my body kiwi couldn't find any evidence to prove that the sixty five people are criminals on the candle there was no reason to keep them. although there is no evidence that the time they spent in prison for the overall process was
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unlawful in the google book without. the release has angered the us military. it says the men of talent on fox is and will only return to the battlefield to kill nato and afghan troops. the news that the strains relations between washington and kabul with the afghan government still reluctant to sign a bi national security deal. then in germany's finest updates to to do so. all that the consequences. as an i beam. it might be a bilateral deal between afghanistan and the united states but it's a condition that has to be meant for us to consider further support for afghanistan. the united states and other nations want to keep thousands of troops in afghanistan after international forces only with drool at the end of the shia for more of this we're joined now in the studio by tito steinberg he's a security analyst for more on these developments
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will come december. first off you know president ahmed karzai has called blogger on the airbase at all upon producing factory and alyssa some of the detainees were actually tortured into eating their country is any substance to these clips when he is that there is has been at the facility at the drum and bass until march to school in two thousand and thirteen where prisoners were tortured by dad don't think that is the reason for this expression by hamann karzai it is going to kill hundred karzai about the ones to me is that to restart its negotiations with the tight bond and dead is why he's criticizing the us to conduct their costly what is all of this controversy likely to mean for the u s pullout from afghanistan. it's hard to flow wider conflict between the karzai government and the americans. and the americans want them to sign a security pact in all the to let some ten thousand troops to remain in the country. if this crosses
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does not end this soon american troops would not have the time needed to plan for a for the presence in the country that might mean that by the end of two thousand for a fourteen day would have to through all of this is just one area where the west in afghanistan really need each other. it looks like a chasm is deepening between attempt. it definitely is but i think on that karzai beats the west mall than the west does it need time to karzai his also vital that the same time. i would recommend that the us and the west in general make clear that the work they remain committed to is that the security of the country karzai is not convinced that's why he negotiates with the atomic bomb and i'm not convinced either. camera so were gonna be following the story of her wild designs thanks very much in the central african republic ahead of the united nations refugee agency says that he has witnessed a humanitarian
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catastrophe of unspeakable proportions tell you the terrorists disguised killing of muslims by christian militia as the cyclones. he says the country's new government is incapable of protecting its citizens effectively shane warne must be done to improve security the refugees in their own country. a huge tent city has sprung up with the horse and donkey. the capital of central african republic the muslims feel a measure of safety with french and african peacekeepers close by visiting the un high commissioner for refugees said he was shocked by the entirety of christian ministers who've been slaughtering muslims the ups and then there will be reduced. it seemed
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interesting places and happiness. don't you just hate getting sick of students and it hasn't been some seven thousand french and african peacekeepers are in the country. toss with restoring order and the un and cakes. but so far bake sale to stop the unrest the visiting french defence minister said christian militia on of the main threat to peace. the baldy. this will be there to hating like bandits committing criminal acts. and so we should punish them and that we're here to apply the un security council resolution which includes the use of force is wonderful to see you in the meanwhile people continue to ride the refugee camps in and around the capital. tens of thousands more fled the country. the united nations says some one point three million people are in need of help. it was the program is now bringing in food. it says it doesn't have enough to go round. some businesses now in germany's command spunk is finally back in the block a strong turnaround in the fourth quarter helped the bank
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finish out last year was seventy eight million years and profits. that's up from a seven hundred and twenty six million euro bloc fact it went well. ceo martin blessing described twenty thirteen as the year of transition into comics announced it was cutting five thousand jobs seventeen percent of the bank's shares remained state the lead after two massive bailouts following the financial crisis placards icon magazine has all of the reaction on the stock market in texture last month as well the way thanks to the news that the commencement of the higher net profit than analysts had anticipated he told all the trading of fuel here in frankfurt with the bonus is that comments by his paintings manages the amount is estimated to be far higher than the net profit of two mascot for not seeing. but also caused a bit of confusion with statements by comments by ceo monte and blessing said that the german
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government could get rid of its stake in the back as soon as the stock price of corn as punk would rise above eighteen euros. until now and this had always calculated that the stock price would have to rise at least above twenty five euros the last attack on the broader market soaring in now and the modest day for stocks tax the dax gained slightly on thursday as investors poured you a whole host of corporate earnings and economic reports the year's top fifty was hired fractionally over in iraq that those industrial average. it contains but just slightly positive trends zero dollars also in the grain trading for one dollars thirty six seventy one. will britain's economy is facing a battering as storms continued to wreak havoc across country the governor of the bank of england says that the fragile economic recovery will be damaged by the disruption the storms are causing to farming and to transport britain is experiencing its wettest weather in about two in fifty years. some parts of
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southern england had been underwater for more than a month now. hundreds of troops around on the streets coordinators say that this is an almost unparalleled natural crisis and another storm is on the way stretch band of snow rain and strong winds are expected to strike the country on friday residents on the menu and race perry to put on weight this before heading off to let the villages streets have been flooded for weeks. right behind the times it's the river thames. misty has been the casino was still high. this study maureen peter seemed cheerful enough for once it's not raining they can show that he made this film more than that yet bake as he left his house in weeks. well usually don't go to work. the ccd or go to work and a racial thing. so there is raining at night
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the shelf in her diaper off here you go into labor no no no. some of them a business that bought my second sunday of the new os taking it out fireside is an environment agency web has made regular and then hear the other noise to reno the draw some ldp from people on medication which takes shape. sure they're ok time for the state's house john. it's just a quick visit this morning. residents have now and ronnie wood said. no one each in agency help. no pains me to the qa team. there is a sense of panic in great need my intent to marry for love the weather the wind. judges to finally write a great story. so weeks residents thousand and ten by the authorities and to be made to see responses to
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their enhanced primary school became the center of operations. and they started a project that has everything under control at seventy amazing country. it was. i have in spades. it's just me on any response i. the rain starts up again. graham one of the volunteers make sense in history and present. their new house. davis still has on health not dead yet. think of them probably save it like many a great ending sea of thirty split extent epidemics he says they lifted the areas of defense since mom has got to be spent traci in mind sharing this with july. where i'm standing now is sixteen miles from central london it's absurd that it does josh groundwater is now at record levels as well. and with the range set to continue it will be weeks before nine pm
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in the tent an omen the four guys go to a short break right now what would come back when has the latest action dance and drama out of the pies and sausage and we're also going to head to the maryland film festival for the very latest law to stay with us. last one is between two remaining units you just drink it. for decades. working to protect its interests are welcome to stay. use crisco the flight what should we do. settling debts. the answer to the future where special. w
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seventy english spring. i do when i realized my seat. it's a real policy because there's no rushing about. everyone writes that the team on their cup of ricotta. i snore great is the reason their names. the us welcome back to the south over the past couple of months we've seen western governments activists and media speak out against a series of russia's anti gay laws in the run up to the winter games in sochi and while the city's mayor famously said there are no homosexuals in such a it is in fact home to a growing and vibrant the community. we paid a visit to some members of the community to find out what russia's olympics mean for that. they are the needs
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of families and by the home of stephanie and marina. no shoes on as is customary in russia. neither of us when we were late because roads were cordoned off for president not in your routine in that sentence because of protein that we're here because of his government's restrictions on homosexual expression. we try not to provoke people with their homosexuality. we noticed that people on the street don't like it and try not to touch or kiss each other. you can see. yesterday a law signed last year bans displays of affection by these lawmakers see promoting homosexual lifestyle is propaganda and that it poses a danger to minors. it's on the screen right before it really a democratic country why can a man and a wall and kissed me but not to win the gop. we head out to discover some astute she's night live to them i knocked out. no sign on the door
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that's intentional. my art is one of the two key nightclubs in sochi. many regulars sea life here is easier than elsewhere in russia. stephanie i lost her job when her boss found out that she was a lesbian. but the reluctance to openly condemn the kremlin the problems in russia not just with homophobia tolerance is the king immigrants are treated the same way as an essentials it'll be a long time before our society becomes more open for the us and its removal performers from across russia are my own pc the law doesn't matter to them. no one knows what will happen when the world's eyes turn away from such. all these questions about lol everything is ok. i intend to see the linda games to watch sports. not to worry
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about them essential the idea was it the scots stephanie and marina once fertile to get you thinking about emigrating. anywhere we need to be open about who they are. to the olympic games down there was plenty of drama and upsets in sochi today includes a surprise retirement of the star russian figure skater and one of the biggest upset was also on the ides in speed skating where a pile of men to be big a loss for bricks and a stickler. china's li jian road grabbed gold in the women's five hundred meter short track speedskating. the twenty seven year old coasted to victory after her rivals collided. britain was benign tumor after officials blame him he's christie of causing the crash that metal instead went to rei the front of a bucket in the city of south korea to call bronze the woman's his team the cobalt she powered to victory in the women's ten kilometer cross country
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classic. despite a fractured foot. about sixteen s nearly twenty seconds ahead of sean outcome of sweden who took silver. norway's terry's you how secured bronze the united states swept the podium and demand slope style skiing events. joss christensen put on a dominant display to take gold. twenty two year old desk and worthy snatched silver because gap or picked up bronze the russian figure skater yet to meet yushchenko has announced he's retiring this comes after the thirty one year old was forced to exit the men's individual events with a back injury incurred during thursday's warm up. yushchenko help the olympic oldest green team gold over the weekend. to colombia now where nearly five tons of marijuana held by four rebels have been seized by the government will start has been fighting the state since nineteen sixty four but from what a
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year now they've actually been negotiating an agreement that could bring peace lately one of the big focus point has been on illegal drugs. now if the deal is reached you would have a huge impact on the thousands of leftists for spiders. we met up with one of them used in finding a new life after leaving the rebel group islam demands his full concentration. just a few years ago and lose focus was on a very different job as a fox command of his great to tell us about his new non repairing cars on the condition between securing his place. they are in a moment when you're working in my repair shop and people find out what it used to do it they congratulate me that's nice. you've been out there doing bad things to humanity to society. and then you come here and search people. yes but you're still left with a black mark against you. kaitlyn has also found love outside the fox
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his girlfriend jackman brings to lunch everyday the thing living together for a month. he still thinks back on how he became a rebel soldier as a teenager on his father's coca plantations. he was fascinated by weapons. he was twenty when he joined the he transported cash got in minefields and spied on people. he says he didn't kill anyone. but td pass on information that resulted in kits certain point and when entrance previous girlfriend he was also the rain that fell pregnant with if this child that's what i said to myself what's going to become of my child then i thought but i have no choice. we'd all heard about deserted his art. but we knew that if you asked and got caught. you'd be killed. most kiwis and one i said anyway conceded by
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the fog bank and it isn't sistas. then they had about a government program to help form the rebels and signed up to them and the cooking. this kid. earlier mr goes to prepare you for normal everyday lives he had to become a normal person. when you leave the park. you're like an animal that knows nothing about society. i successfully finished my training and counseling. he is. the secret garden. modi is still bad mood this is helping england to lead a normal life. cases circled the reintegration of the sun working for a government that it unfolds against the use this card to check up on nathan's progress. a month after the end of the training them. he wants to see the tools it would unfold with about three thousand units on top brands. it appears and says with a steamy in there but i think it's a process of maturing and when the mana cost. they
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went unanswered and when owens rebuild ties to some really funny yet to see the upper body then that summer training program has continually knowledge and skills to set up his own company. i may have only india. soak them in a process as one in chile and a support to his two children and put them on to their relationship didn't survive the tendons of the cost he is but now it's looking ahead to him i'd like to have my own house in a proper company not just a workshop. one entry wanted to set stuff up manages the transition into line. edwin sees himself as a role model for the estimated eight thousand men and women still fighting for the top now it's off to the berlin film festival where the honorary golden bear for lifetime achievement will be awarded to british director ken lotion just a few hours the rest of the awards will be presented on a sadder day one of the pictures in the running for the top prize is a boy led by us director
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richard a link later the intense drama was shot over a twelve year period and tells the story of a divorced couple trying to raise their sons from first grade till his graduation at age eighteen our correspondent scott rock style has been falling all of the axed and joins us now find that states that the school baptist religious time bowling the young boy who is from richard link letter it's somewhat ordinary story really are just a coming of age tale is up with the story itself that is about the fasting but the way it was done the way was made of are typically collected his son shot this film on oh four thirty nine days over a period of twelve years so we literally get to see the main actor grow up before our eyes to see the film like this he had a couple or two maybe three or four actors play the same role to do to show the kids are growing up in this case the one actor and it really creates a sense of poignancy any link letters known for telling long
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stories he had spent a couple of decades doing his trilogy before sunset before sunrise and just recently before midnight at which tells the story of two lovers over basically their entire entire life. i'm so this is again a film where he's taken and so novel was to approach a picture with phenomenal movie this one will probably be going back to in the decades to come. that sounds like it like get my thoughts tonight special preview special trivia rather what can we expect. like the green speckled also a lot of poignancy me can load is a phenomenal. a giant in the european film industry's really one of the few european directors whose offered alternative to hollywood that the greatest kitchen sink realism this with barry on the door and social realistic politically activists and about on that eventually become a touchstone for european filmmakers and has become sort of the defining characteristic of european cinema in opposition to hollywood films like cats and the sweet sixteen or reading still with all the cooking
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show in your belly nolen a retrospective but they can load up the seventy seven years old but still still a political firebrand so maybe expect a few of my scaredy cat with statements that tonight to stir things up i'm hoping for them. he usually doesn't disappoint so in general a great tribute to a phenomenal european directive that scott and we look forward to the big awards over the weekend scott rothstein thank you very much for the inside. you have to find a wood taylor says. so after that set up. why is there a lady that i absolutely no later than the controversial them. so in time for right now. thanks much for joining us and stay with you to view it here. the air. however it
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will all walk with god. it's like. holds up enough that the titans scored since somebody who isn't. you knew you leaving me little good when when when when when
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the today from friends twenty a live debate on top of the day. one day concert at seven pm optional. i chopped off. and i'll be doing. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play. the process. i mean the week. can you. he
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and me i will do. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp last two movies try to get the domain of the shop before the war store with old wreck chords point for the four years ago but never seen it the full extent of the devastation becomes clear the government says it will reassess how much money is needed for that email